HOA Guidelines

  • HOA dues are due by 1 March of the year issued. Area Real Estate will mail out a bill each year near the end of November. It is the responsibility of each HOA resident to pay the bill on time. Pool, marina, and trash collection access will be blocked for unpaid dues. Checks must be mailed to Area Real Estate. Online payment is not an option for dues. For questions, contact Area Real Estate.
  • The HOA will hold an annual meeting towards the end of the year to discuss finances for the past year, finances for the upcoming year including dues, and other information regarding projects and plans, and to elect the HOA board for the upcoming year. Notice of the meeting date and time will be sent via mailers from Area Real Estate as well as emailed to all residents who have an email address on file. If you wish to have a voice in the matters listed above or any HOA matters, you or a representative must attend the meeting.
  • All home improvements made to the exterior of your home including house painting, fences, additions, decks, swimming pools, hardscaping, and major landscaping need board approval. Please print out the applicable documents and submit them to a board member. Home improvement projects must receive prior approval from the Woodland Shores Architectural Review Board and the HOA Board of Directors. Any exterior structure installed without prior approval is subject to removal at the homeowner's expense.
  • Home Improvement Approval Forms should be mailed to Area Real Estate Management Company: P.O. Box 110, Independence, MO, 64051 or email [email protected]